Ueli Schweizer

Scientific Researcher and biologist


Dr. med. Frédéric Peroni

sports medicine


Steve Hiestand

Health consultant
Self-tracking Expert


Thomas Bubendorfer

Mountaineer and author

Giovanna Lotito

Giovanna Lotito

Expert for New Perspectives and Life, Career and Business Coach

Start now, improve employee satisfaction and effectiveness


Module 1: Beginner - Tests, Recovery and Sleep

Module 1:

  • Introducing Small Steps 2 Great Success
  • Test, Analyzes and Measurements - How do I interpret something?
  • A clear language - a lot and yet all the same
  • Rest and regeneration
  • View of module 2
  • Questions and answers (one-to-one interviews)

Module 2: Advanced - Achievements, Repetition and Nutrition

Module 2:

  • Success stories
  • Critical success factor
  • Many new things? The principle of repetition
  • Test, Analyzes and Measurements - What has changed?
  • Diet - What should I know
  • View of module 3
  • Questions and answers (one-to-one interviews)

Module 3: Expert - Ideas, Science and Practical for Everyday

Module 3:

  • Introduction
  • Best idea?!, Success stories
    work in groups
  • Many new things? The principle of repetition
  • Re-testing status, trend?
  • Exercises for Everywhere
  • Concept 1 and 2
  • What does the market, HealthQ APP
  • Questions and answers (one-to-one interviews)

References Company

Today had a workshop - thought 'I already know a lot/everything;-) - excellent!

A. R. Krappel,
Infineon Technologies AG

As promised enclosed the success message from Kilimanjaro. Thanks for the mental support and the motivation. Together with my daughter, we made first the Mt. Meru Training mountain, later as well Mt. Kilimanjaro. It was a great experience not only for the body but especially for mind and soul.

B. Hartmann,
Infineon Technologies AG 

It was a fascinating speech; I'm still very impressed. I am very interested in the soft copy of the documents, German and English, to work with my team and above all to arrange the weekly behaviour.

P. Dressler,
Senior Director
Supply Chain Logistics Operations
Infineon Technologies AG

Thank you again for the wake-up call! Your enlightenment and esp. My recent readings have made me rethink. I have now bought a heart rate monitor and use it to record my activities (should have done much earlier).

S. Jehmlich,
Senior Director 
Head of Business Excellence
Infineon Technologies AG

I wanted to thank you again for the great two days in Balderschwang. Your competence and the uncomplicated way to convey essential topics I found very impressive!

M. Mauer
Head of Porsche Style
Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG

Yes, I can only confirm that I found the seminar very positive. I got that as well as objective feedback from the participants. I was sure ahead of the workshop that the contents of a part would arrive well. That, however, came from all consistently such good feedback, I was pleasantly surprised.

Dr. Ing. J. Schleicher
Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG

I am delighted that Fit2Lead is a success story and reach a long-term effect of the re-check.

Dr. med. K. Knoell
Director Medical Services 
Corporate Coordinator Health
Infineon Technologies AG

We plan to carry out another health and performance check for 2016 like this year.
In 2016, employees should have the opportunity to participate.

M. Porta
Process Manager Vocational Training & BGM
Migros distribution center Suhr AG
Management Services